Useful properties of amino acids

Useful properties of amino acids

Inflammation Prevention

Valine, leucine and isoleucine, a complex of three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), have anti-inflammatory properties. They help prevent inflammation in muscles and tissues, making for a more productive workout. Sufficient intake of these amino acids can help prevent inflammation and the development of arthritis, diabetes, liver disease and other common diseases.

Weight loss

Studies have shown that consuming amino acid supplements will not only help burn excess fat, but also prevent the deposition and accumulation of abdominal fat, which forms around vital organs, increasing inflammation and inhibiting repair processes, so the fact that supplements can reduce this specific type of fat is very important in the fight against chronic diseases.

Preventing muscle breakdown

Muscle microfractures that occur during exercise heal during rest, resulting in muscle growth. However, during intense exercise, muscle fibers can break down and be used as energy, which is not good for the body. Sports supplements, especially BCAAs, can help prevent muscle damage by providing resources for the synthesis of beneficial proteins.

Accelerating Muscle Growth

Improved cognitive abilities

Tryptophan, an important amino acid, is a precursor to serotonin and increases mental performance. By taking supplements, you can make sure that your body has enough BCAA amino acids so that excess tryptophan is not produced. If you feel like your mind is foggy in the afternoon, you may be suffering from an overabundance of tryptophan, resulting in a feeling of mental slackness.

Relieving fatigue

The energy you expend during the day doing your business or exercising needs to be replenished. The need for daytime sleep occurs when glycogen stores are depleted. Studies have shown that taking BCAAs and other amino acids throughout the day helps you store more glycogen and use it up more slowly, making you more resilient whether you’ve been exercising or not.

Accelerating Muscle Growth

For people who want to gain body mass and regularly consume sports nutrition, whether they affect muscle growth is important. Leucine and the other two amino acids in the BCAA group are closely linked to the stimulation of protein synthesis after exercise, as muscles get enough new resources to accelerate muscle growth. Interestingly, enough nutrients in the bloodstream can affect muscle growth in parts of the body that were not actively involved during the workout!

Rapid Recovery

As you probably know, proteins are major components of our body that affect the growth and development of muscles, tissues, cells, hair and nails. Proteins play an important role in the recovery process. After an injury, illness, surgery, or intense workout, increasing your amino acid intake is extremely beneficial because it can speed up protein synthesis and therefore the rate of healing in the body.


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