Fitness Blogs You Must Read In 2020

As a blogger, I not only write but also read many other fitness blogs. Over time, a relatively long list (over 350) of fitness blogs has emerged that I visit more or less regularly. In this article I would like to present a selection of what I consider to be the best German-language fitness blog.

The following fitness blogs are all blogs that I would like to visit and that I can recommend to you. Whether you want to learn about fitness topics or just want to read a few fresh articles on sports and fitness from time to time, you’ve come to the right place.

So, if you at Fitvolution have all the articles on your topics of interest and want to get some impressions from other fitness bloggers, then this list is for you. I also update the list every few months, so feel free to check back.

2020 Update:. With the new update, some new fitness blogs have been added and some others unfortunately didn’t make the list (mostly due to inactivity). This year I have mostly sorted out some of the blogs that are mainly podcasting. You can find them (almost all) in my article on the best sports and fitness podcasts.

Bei all den Fitness-Blogs kann man schon einmal den Überblick verlieren

With the flow of information, you can lose track …

So that you can with a large number of Fitness blogs to quickly find what you are looking for, I have divided the pages into categories. You can use the following links to jump directly to the blog category that interests you the most:

Even if you’re mainly interested in one category, I still recommend that you take a look at the others. Sometimes thinking outside the box can always be interesting and useful.

By the way, the order of the list is completely arbitrary and I haven’t ranked the top 25 fitness blogs in 2020. All of the following 25 fitness blogs are absolutely worth reading if you are interested in the related topic.

Best General Fitness Blogs

To get started, I want to start by familiarizing myself with the versatility among fitness blogs. These blogs cover a variety of fitness topics. They all have a focus, but their content is relatively broad. Anyone interested in fitness can find something suitable on these pages.

1) Fitvolution

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool

Yes, it’s also a fitness blog. So if you got here via Google search and don’t know our blog yet, be sure to check it out here too. Fitvolution is the fitness blog for busy people. Here we have made it our mission to help you optimize your workouts and gain control over your diet in no time. The 80/20 Principle comes first, and I attach great importance to showing you, first of all, what really brings you closer to your goals.

Whether you are building muscle as efficiently as possible, losing weight and defining muscles, or changing your habits and just want to get better, here is the article that suits you. Want to know something about self-motivation, really healthy supplements, or other useful fitness accessories? Then you are definitely here. Even if you’re just looking for a cool fitness gift for a friend.

2) Fitness marathon

Die besten Fitness-Blogs: MarathonFitness-Logo

Marathon Fitness is one of my all-time favorite blogs and the real best dog on stage. Mark writes about all sorts of fitness topics on his blog. His articles are very extensive and well written. Articles How You Can Reduce Belly Fat Specifically? and why slender women lift heavy weights provides valuable information to help you with your workouts.

Supporting your readers to stay updated and not give up is Mark’s main concern. To do this, he sometimes uses slightly more unusual approaches and refers to Sigmund Freud or advises the frequent traveler to wink on the plane. Mark also puts out a very cool podcast to help you stay on the go.

Mark also published a really good book called Looking Good Naked, which I can only recommend if you want to effectively and sustainably take on an attractive (re) shape. With the name LGN Powerküche, there is now also a matching cookbook with 60 super fast recipes.

3) 4yourfitness

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - 4yourfitness Logo

At 4yourfitness, Pat writes about the benefits of bodyweight training. I’m also a big fan of bodyweight training (preferably with a sling instructor) and I check Pat regularly. For example, he always presents interesting exercise options. For this reason, he has already published a guest article on basic bodyweight training exercises. In addition to many teaching tips, motivation and sustainability topics also play an important role in Pat’s blog. Nutrition is not neglected here either.

By the way, Pat recently published a really good book on bodyweight training. If you are interested in this topic, then you should definitely check out Pat’s ebook on bodyweight training *.

4) fitness experts

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitness-Experts Logo

When fitness experts emerged a few years ago, the blog was a real game changer. Dominik and Johannes have made it their mission to put modern scientific knowledge at the center of all content. They hit the nerves and became very successful in a short time. You have certainly helped bring more science to the fitness scene.

In my opinion, the blog has gotten a bit more confusing lately and new articles are not published as often. It still serves as a very good reference for me on various fitness topics. So be sure to check it out.

Dominik is no more and now he launches Johannes took over the blog, which he continues to run very successfully with a small team.

5) Fitness Agony

About Fitness Agony Zimo writes about all possible fitness topics, which in my opinion is very accessible and personable. Even if most people interested in sports will like his texts, I would prefer to class him in the field of athletics, and some of his short texts even look almost philosophical. For example, he wrote about a trend in blogging.

But if not, you will also find many interesting articles here, such as how you can recognize and overcome your limitations, or simply lose weight without hunger.

6) I love being fit

The first woman on this list is the good Steph with her blog. On his blog, Steph mostly writes about motivation and functional workouts at home and posts delicious recipes and tips to help you lose weight (especially by counting calories). Steph has also been a mother for some time, which changed her focus somewhat. In addition to her problems with her mother, she also developed thematically in the field of personal development.

The blog still has a lot to offer for those interested in fitness.

7) got big

Got Big by Thomas Bluhm is an absolute veteran of fitness blogging. It continues to be one of the most popular blogs on the scene. Its main topics are muscle building and how you can get the six packs. He has also developed his own successful program to help you get six packs. Click here * if you are interested.

Meanwhile, Thomas is also writing other interesting articles that are a little further from his attention. Interesting examples I’ve never read anywhere are food for gut problems or How You’re Guaranteed to Never Get a Hangover Again. He also regularly brings other contributors to his blog so he can continue to provide new content on a regular basis.

8) jogging

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - laufvernarrt Logo

Paula is a colorful bird in the fitness blogger scene. A while ago I sorted them by the “working blogger” category. However, Paula, meanwhile, has expanded a bit thematically and now has a lot of discussion on her blog about nutrition, strength training, and self-love and mindfulness. At the same time, she is not afraid to openly talk about her refreshing nature with special feminine issues such as craving before the period begins.

The articles on her blog are always very interesting. She does not say a word and speaks if something does not suit her on the blogger’s stage. Some may be offended by their clear language, but I think their blog is especially worth reading because of their nature.

9) Sabrina Wolf

Sabrina is a yoga teacher and personal trainer. On her blog, she tackles various fitness and lifestyle issues. Of course, yoga always plays an important role. In addition to the more classic fitness topics, he also tackles personal problems. There are often undiscovered relationships here. For example, promoting self-love and fighting self-doubt are important themes throughout the scene (officially, especially among women), and are also addressed here.

Top Fitness Running Blogs

Fitness-Blogs mit Lauf-Schwerpunkt

Running is a sport for everyone. There are many reasons why you should run. You can find a selection in my article on Why You Should Run. Many blogs are dedicated to running. I would like to briefly introduce those that I visit regularly.

10) Endurance Blog – More Sports Finally

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Ausdauerblog Logo

Torsten has been blogging about endurance since 2015, which he first told me about in a comment on this article. Since then, I have visited his house again and again. Thorsten is a real role model for his readers. Not because he plays sports every day for several hours and has a real astral body, but because he manages to integrate his sports in a healthy way into his daily life in addition to stressful work. To do just that, he also wants to help his readers, and he does it in a very authentic way.

Previously, I classified Thorsten in the general category because in the past he was (and still is) an enthusiastic cyclist. However, in the past few months, he has been very active on his running blog. It’s about stability training for runners or healthy eating for runners.

Its free beginner course is also very well received by many beginners.

11) Endurance Trainers

Hannah and Karsten are endurance trainers. On their blog, they share many interesting current reports and personal experiences with their readers. Apart from reports, they write about all sorts of interesting topics for runners such as nutrition for a marathon. The topic of treadmills is also regularly discussed. Since they get involved in activities like this from time to time, they’ve put together some tips for beginner runners, for example. This running discipline is gaining more and more popularity, and I tried it myself, and even constantly climbed the Zugspitze.

12) Slow Switch

Stefan regularly posts on his Slowtwitch blog about the triathlon runs and competitions he has participated in. There are also quirky contests, so you can get some inspiration for your own competition calendar here. For example, his reports on the Wall Trail and the Infernal Triathlon got me thinking about getting involved.

13) Harlerunner

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Harlerunner Logo

Harlerunner is an old school blog that I have enjoyed reading about for a few years now. Thomas mainly talks about the jogging and other activities he takes part in, takes his readers to his workouts and gives advice on the right equipment, which he also regularly checks for the blog.

Thomas is also a true nerd when it comes to training planning and technical support for his training. He is delighted to have a particularly wide coverage of these topics. For example, I found his article on monitoring HRV training very interesting.

fitness blogs for triathletes

Fitness-Blogs für Triathleten

If running is too boring for you, you can run an obstacle course like Tough Mudder or take part in a combined competition like a triathlon. Triathlon is the logical next step for many runners. But cyclists and swimmers also often take a step in this combined sport. The following triathlon blogs are on my reading list and should also be on yours if you are interested in the topic.

14) Ice cubes in a shoe

For several years now, I’ve been reading ice cubes in the shoes of triathlete Dean on the blog. You can always find great advice on triathlon and other sports topics on the blog. There are some really good things especially for beginners, such as swimming tips, the problematic discipline of most beginners. Her article on endurance sports and asthma also helped me a lot. Just take a look.

15) Tri It Fit

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool0

Tri It Fit by Lotta and Schorsch is more than just a triathlon blog. Weight training and paleo nutrition also play an important role here. However, the focus is on high quality articles with valuable tips and reports on the three-hole sports experience. Especially for learning to swim (which is always difficult for me), you will find some helpful tips here. If you want to become a triathlete then this is the place for you. They also recently published a number of delicious recipes that have been specially tailored to the needs of the triathletes.

My article titled “The Five Easiest Ways to Exercise Effectively While Traveling” has already appeared in Tri It Fit.

16) Pressing limits

Pushing Limits is a triathlon blog designed specifically for ambitious triathletes. “Always go to the limit, overcome and redefine it” is the motto, because this is what authors (and there are several of them) want to help their readers. In addition to training tips and equipment tests, you will always find all sorts of reports on running and of course triathlon competitions here. Other sports themes are also served, but the emphasis here is clearly on the theme of triathlon. At the same time, there is a blog for a blog.

Fitness Blogs for Bodybuilders

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool1

Do you enjoy carrying heavy weights and your main goal is to build muscle or optimize your optics? Then fitness blogs with a focus on bodybuilding topics should be the most interesting for you. Here are my pick of blogs worth reading for bodybuilders and those looking to become one.

If your goal is to build muscle, I can also suggest you take a look at my book The Basics of Building Muscle, the first “Don’t Shit” Guide to Building Muscle Effectively

17) Aesir Sports

The bodybuilding blog Aesir Sports is also a true veteran of the scene. Damian, as a regular blogger, has responded to the changing marketplace by creating much of his content exclusively for his online magazine Metal Health RX. On the one hand, it is a shame because you can no longer get valuable information for free, but on the other hand, I can understand it. He was just looking for ways to continue what he loves and make money on it.

However, you can regularly find interesting articles on unusual topics on the free blog, which should be interesting for anyone interested in bodybuilding. I find visiting the blog absolutely rewarding, especially on slightly more unusual topics that you would not find otherwise, such as abdominal muscle building or discussing the term “food effect”.

18) Fit`n Sexy

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool2

On the Fit`n Sexy blog, a successful bodybuilder (including German middleweight champion at GNBF 2012) and personal trainer Benny Brown writes about all the topics that matter to a natural bodybuilder. In addition to the classic workout and nutritional topics, Benny also dares to adopt more provocative names like losing weight through masturbation, and openly deals with the dangers of steroid consumption.

20) Aesthetics Blog

Peter’s Aesthetic Blog has long been a real name on the fitness blogger. I took Peter off the list two years ago because he hadn’t worked for a while. However, the situation changed again in the past year, and high quality articles are regularly published on the blog. For those interested in the topics of bodybuilding and body shaping, a visit is definitely worth a visit.

21) Dream Team Fitness

With DreamteamFitness, Julius Ise, known as a fitness influencer, bodybuilder and fitness model, maintains a fitness blog. I enjoyed reading his bodybuilding competition diary. Today he writes here about every possible fitness topic. In between, you can also find a range of delicious and fitness-friendly recipes here.

22) Just progress

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool3

On his bodybuilding blog Simply Progress, Philip helps his readers optimize their health and aesthetics. To do this, he writes in-depth articles every few weeks on the fascinating topic of fitness. Whether it’s doing the exercise correctly, a special motivational technique, or just a few tips to optimize the mass phase.

diet fitness blogs

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool4

Nutrition plays a very important role in sports and fitness. You probably already know that you can exercise so well if your diet is wrong, you will never have the gains you might otherwise have. There are also some very big problems in this area. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are some fitness blogs that specialize in this area like nutrition blogs.

23) Fitme Licious

In her blog Fitme-Licious, Melanie, whom I have known personally since the first FiBloKo, writes primarily about sustainable healthy eating. On her blog, you can find tons of cool recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. The nutritionist and mom also take their readers with them to their nutritional experiments time and time again. Especially interesting for moms who want to get better and want to eat better, and anyone who loves to be inspired by awesome recipes.

24) Green Onions

Steph maintains a spring onion blog that talks about getting as physically fit as possible. First of all, she always posts many interesting recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, I found their healthy interpretation of fast food recipes very interesting. If you’re looking for recipe and fitness snacks inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

25) Julie is doing well

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool5

Julie Feels Good – This is a blog dedicated to healthy eating in general and clean eating in particular. There are many great recipes for this too. Julie also writes about weight loss issues such as food cravings and how to control them. Meanwhile, on the blog, she is increasingly focusing on the topic of self-love. The target group here is clearly women. However, I always find something of value in my articles.

That’s it, my pick of fitness blogs you should read or at least watch in 2020. I hope you enjoyed my selection of fitness blogs and found one or two new blogs that interest you.

Fitness Blogging Community

Are you a fitness blogger yourself or are you writing a sports blog? On Facebook, we founded a group where fitness bloggers can chat, exchange ideas, and share their articles with other members. Halotest is a steroid, an androgen, which is used effectively by athletes for a variety of tasks. Halotest preis You can find the fitness blogging community here.

This is also a good opportunity to meet and exchange information with other fitness bloggers at events like FiBloKo, the sports and fitness blogging conference.

Enjoy reading the fitness blogs!

Die besten Fitness-Blogs - Fitvolution-Cartoonlogo-oldschool6

And don’t forget: your health is your health.

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