7 reasons why you shouldn’t play sports

Sport is murder, have you heard that before? Of course, you hear it over and over again because sport can be very dangerous. Moreover, it is also very tedious. All in all, there are more good reasons why you shouldn’t exercise than doing it.

However, with the continuing trend in fitness, more and more self-proclaimed fitness apostles are running around the neighborhood telling everyone to exercise more and eat healthier. It often doesn’t matter if you want to hear it at all. No, you might think that the less the other person wants to know about it, the louder they will be.

On the contrary, the other side is heard too little. Now is the time to change that and openly shine a light on the dark side of regular strength and endurance sports. Therefore, I would like to present 7 reasons why you should not exercise below. This gives you good arguments for your next discussion with one of these annoying sports fanatics.

Do you have a compelling reason not to play sports? There is nothing to resist the following arguments.

1) It’s not important for you to look good

Let’s not kid ourselves, people who exercise regularly and ideally have a reasonably good diet, they just look better than those who don’t exercise and eat poorly. There are many good reasons for this.

Sports and nutrition have a clear impact on physique, posture and physical health. All this leads to a healthier and therefore more attractive appearance. In addition, positive development can also lead to a wider acceptance of one’s own reflection.

This, in turn, has a positive effect on self-confidence and therefore charisma. Positive charisma is also perceived by most people as attractive.

wer keinen sport treiben möchte sieht nicht so aus

With sports and healthy eating, you achieve your dream body … if you want it at all …

The desire to look good, of course, is also rather superficial. If you prefer not to look good at all and want others to think of you as attractive, then you should really leave that in the sport.

2) You like being in a bad mood

During exercise, endorphins and other hormones of happiness are released. Among other things, this leads to the good feeling that many people love so much after exercise. It improves physical and mental well-being in both the short and long term.

The point is that regular sport has proven (!) that it even helps to cope with depression, and therefore (additionally) is used by some doctors for treatment.

Grumpy Cat will auch keinen Sport treiben

Nobody can force you to be in a good mood!

But if you like being in a bad mood, you shouldn’t play sports. Not that the bad mood went away afterwards. After that, no one will recognize you again.

3) You don’t have the stress you want to reduce

Sports are an important outlet for many people to reduce stress. In sports, stress hormone levels decrease in the short term, while stress tolerance increases in the medium to long term. Those who exercise regularly produce fewer stress hormones and reduce them more and more. Ultimately, this also has a positive impact on performance.

But this is not important to you, because you have no stress to reduce. And even if you had a little, then you certainly wouldn’t need any sport to do it better. You could just handle this little stress.

4) You don’t care about your health

Regular strength and endurance training has been proven to be beneficial for your body. Improving your physical fitness leads, among other things, to improved circulation and contributes to the normal functioning of organs, especially your heart and lungs.

In addition, many well-known common diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease can be avoided with regular exercise or reducing the likelihood of their occurrence, or at least years of admission delay. p>

However, if you think that this passion for health is completely exaggerated, that complaints and illnesses are part of life, and therefore you should not avoid them, then you should not engage in any sport.

5) You are completely satisfied with your mental activity

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. In fact, regular sports training not only improves your physical, but also your mental performance.

With better blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply to your brain, and a more balanced hormonal balance, it can work more efficiently. Among other things, it has a positive effect on your ability to concentrate and your memory. This way you learn faster and forget less.

A particularly great effect can be seen here in childhood. Here we lay all our foundations for our later adult life. Some time ago I read a really interesting study that I would have to look for …

But don’t you care?

Kinder die keinen Sport treiben haben ihr Leben lang eine schlechtere körperliche und geistige Leistungsfähigkeit

Through sports activities, you can build the foundation for physical and mental performance in childhood.

On the one hand, you, of course, are no longer a child, but on the other hand, your level of mental activity is quite sufficient for you. So if you don’t want you to learn and understand things faster and remember them better, that’s okay. In this case, you should not exercise regularly.

6) You expect suffering in old age

We are all getting old. The process of physical and mental aging that accompanies it cannot be completely stopped. However, regular exercise and a healthy diet cannot slow you down significantly. Regular exercise strengthens muscles, bones and joints and thus prevents physical deterioration.

By the way, this applies not only to the body, but also to the mind. From about 40 years of age, the number of brain cells decreases. It also reduces mental performance. This process can also be significantly slowed down if you exercise and eat well.

You are already looking forward to muscle loss, joint pain and the first hip fracture. Then you can have wonderful conversations with other seniors and complain about poor nurses.

wer keinen sport treiben will braucht früher einen rollator

Don’t worry if you are. If you are no longer mobile in the early 60’s, you will surely get one of these things.

And if you lost your mind early, then you will not be able to understand how the low quality of life that your abandoned body can offer you only in old age.

7) You think long life is overrated

Regular sports activities increase the statistical life expectancy by 5-10 years. Of course, this is mainly due to the absence or delay in the occurrence of various common diseases and diseases of the elderly. But beneficial effects have also been demonstrated beyond that. Anyone who eats healthy food can add a few more years.

By the way, those who regularly play sports not only live longer, but can also enjoy this time with a higher quality of life in old age. Such people can often continue to run an active business long after retirement.

However, if someone lives longer, he or she also gets retirement insurance longer. Since you know that our pension system is completely overwhelmed, you obviously don’t want this. The world is already overpopulated anyway, and average life expectancy is steadily increasing anyway. If you want to counteract this, then this is a good start to not exercise.

Your conclusion why you shouldn’t play sports

As you can see, there are actually a number of reasons why you shouldn’t play sports. This is all really stupid, but if you really share these views, then I probably can’t help you anymore and you really shouldn’t be playing sports.

However, I am convinced that we must make the best of our lives here on Earth. This certainly includes regular exercise, exercise, and a healthy diet. Because it ultimately leads to a significant improvement in the quality of life.

Trust me: behind all bad reasons, there are at least five good reasons not to exercise. Anyone who decides against this is their own fault. However, one should bear in mind the scale of his decisions. I hope I was able to open some eyes with this deliberately provocative text.

This does not mean that now you have to turn into a professional athlete and only eat 100% super strictly “clean” and train every day. Because if you exercise two or three times a week and or bike to work, eat fruits and vegetables every day and have enough protein and if you consume omega-3 fatty acids, a lot has already been done.

If you find it difficult to integrate sports into your life, here on the blog you will find some tips on how to spend more time in sports after work. Motivate sports or simply incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. Here at Fitvolution, the fitness blog for busy people, you are in the right place!

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Sports greetings


And don’t forget: your health is your health

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