30 Great Fitness Gifts for Athletes and Fitness Lovers

Almost everyone has one or two athletes or fitness enthusiasts among their friends and family. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not easy to find suitable fitness gifts for such people. There are now plenty of opportunities where you would like to make a sports person happy. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or any other pleasant occasion.

This article should help you find the right gifts for your crazy fitness friends. Because there are quite a few fitness gifts that every athlete and fitness lover will be delighted with. I’m sure there is one or the other on this list that your sports friend will also be very happy.

Another trick about fitness gifts is that men and women sometimes have different preferences. To give you the best advice here, I teamed up with a friend to pick a list. Together we will present you fitness gifts in different price categories. There is something for every budget!

We have divided gifts into the following price ranges:

With one click, you can go directly to the price range that interests you.

After reading this article, you are sure to get the right gift for the athlete who wants you to be gifted with you.

Fitness gifts up to 25 euros

Even for a small wallet or just for small fitness gifts without a special occasion, there are many things that athletic people are sure to enjoy. Even for less than € 10, you can make your fitness friend happy. Here are our recommendations for fitness gifts up to € 25.

Fitness gloves

Fitness Geschenke für Sportler Harbinger Fitnesshandschuhe

I can always use a few good training gloves. Anyone who regularly exercises with dumbbells can sing a song about it. Even a pair of really good gloves can last 3-4 months with good care. Then it makes sense to get a new pair. Quality is of course very important with training gloves like this. With classics like the Harbinger Uni Pro with a wrist strap (for only € 25), you can never go wrong. It also performed well in our fitness glove test.

a pair of sports socks

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz

Everyone needs socks every day. It is especially important for athletes to wear the right socks – they should compress, soften and be breathable. Depending on the sport that your girlfriend or boyfriend is involved in, there are also corresponding differences (soccer, handball, or running socks). With many, I ended up very happy to wear comfortable socks. And now it comes; I have never bought sports socks myself. My mom regularly showered me with sports socks – thanks to my mom.

You can get a high quality pair of Falke socks for men and women for only 15 euros.

Protein Shaker Bottle

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau

Another utensil you never get as an athlete. Shakers and water bottles are needed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts almost every day. Over and over, one or the other gets lost or broken. Paying attention to quality, when buying a shaker pays off. I swear by the original BlenderBottle with a Blender Ball instead of a sieve. The bottles look chic, BPA-free and last long. Shakers are not only suitable for making protein shakes. They can also be used as drinking bottles. BlenderBottle is available in classic designs from € 10.

Sports Towel

Sporthandtuch als Fitnessgeschenk

Sports towels are generally the oldest in the range. But who would like to clean their face with an old rag at the gym? Precisely because most athletes don’t feel like a chic gym towel, this is perhaps an inexpensive fitness gift that is well received. For example, there is a nice, quick-drying and space-saving sports towel from Vaude for less than € 10.

Thera Tapes

Fitness Geschenke Theraband-Set

Whether you’re a runner, strength athlete, or crossfitter, every athlete may need multiple Thera Gangs. Whether you’re replacing the gym at home or on the go, or just adding to your regular workout routine, these rubber bands are a versatile workout tool. By the way, I also wrote an article about Training with Thera Bands a while ago. These tapes also break from time to time. Replenishment is necessary here regularly. Different goals require different strengths. A set of 3-4 different ribbons of reasonable length (1.5 m or better 2 m) costs just under 15 euros and therefore offers itself as a cheap gift.

Fast jump rope

Fitnessgeschenk Speedrope Springseil

A skipping rope is an excellent gift for athletes. Not only for warm-ups when the treadmill and cross-trainers have become too boring, but also for cardio workouts at home and on the road. A small, inconspicuous rope that makes your fitness buddy sweat and at the same time brings back memories of your elementary school days. It is important for the rope to be heavy enough to get good speed. It makes sense to use a quality SpeedRope rope. They are also used by boxers and can often be found in Crossfit gyms. You can get one of these for less than € 10.

Blackroll Front Panel

Fitness Geschenke für Sportler Blackroll Orange Ball

For less than 10 euros you can get an 8 cm thick ball that can be used wonderfully for self massage and fascia training. Every athlete can benefit from this type of training. You can work great with this little ball on the go. But you can also use this ball as an addition to the self-massage roller. With the ball, you get much deeper into the muscle structure than with the role. There is a lot you can do on your feet, which many runners appreciate.

New training diary

Trainingstagebuch als Geschenk für Sportler

A fitness gift for athletes who want to record their success is a training diary. In particular, strength and endurance athletes who have a specific goal write down their training units so that they can understand forward and backward steps. Steroide für reale Sportler kaufen So far I took a normal notebook and drew the lines myself. However, I recently found a gorgeous, complete workout diary on Amazon for just € 10. Of course, creative minds can also lovingly create a study diary for their beloved or loved one.

A Good Fitness Book

I think good (popular science) books are always a good gift for people interested in sports. If your fitness friend loves to read a book, I have two recommendations for you. Of course, you should check carefully beforehand if the recipient has read the book.

1) Look good naked

Looking Good Naked von Mark Maslow

“Looking Good Naked” Mark Maslow, one of my top fitness blogger colleagues, has published a great book. It deals with the basics of the most effective dumbbell exercises and provides easy-to-use nutritional advice. There is also a lot of thinking work in his MARKA formula. No wonder his followers call themselves the leading workers. This book is a great gift for anyone looking for an effective way to develop a more attractive body that looks better naked.

2) Fat Killer

Schweinehund-Killer Buch pic x250

My book “The Pig Killer” is just for those who want to finally defeat their inner dog and want to achieve their goal. The book is structured as a self-paced seven-step course. My goal is to take readers step by step from setting goals to achieving them and giving them the tools they need to keep their inner bastard at bay. For this purpose, tasks should be performed regularly to ensure the transition in practice.

Healthy and tasty attention

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz0

Personally, I am always especially happy when my friends and family admit that I (almost) do not eat chocolate and cookies. So for holiday events like birthdays or Christmas, I almost never get chocolate Santa Clauses, but more and more delicious snacks with protein bars, nuts, rice cakes, or fruit. The fitness buff is more satisfied with a protein bar indeed than a chocolate bunny. This is especially true for me, which is why friends from time to time call me a protein bar addict. It is best to find out in advance whether or not the gifted person likes and eats the protein bar. If that doesn’t work anymore, I personally think you can’t go wrong with the carbohydrate dashboards from Body Attack.

Practical lunch box

An excellent gift for athletes is a box of lunch or snacks. Many fitness enthusiasts pay close attention to their food and cannot dine anywhere without problems. Therefore, it is customary to prepare food in advance and take it with you. I often don’t want to put food in a lunchbox, but just keep it in separate compartments. It is also important that the cans are really tight. Who likes to dine in their purse or duffel bag? Good lunch boxes with inserts are available from Amazon for about ten euros each.

Voucher in the online fitness store

Let’s not kid ourselves, vouchers are always a useful gift. At least that’s the case if they are for the right store or online store. So if you know where your athlete friend prefers to buy their sporting goods and supplements, get a voucher for that store. He or she will definitely be happy about it. A voucher like this is definitely more personal than just giving out cash. At the same time, you avoid a bad purchase.

a day in the thermal bath

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz1

Particularly ambitious and athletic people rarely turn to recreation that will benefit them. Regular saunas and sports have a positive effect on health. For my psyche, this is a break from stressful everyday life. My body has the ability to release waste substances, relax muscles and strengthen the immune system.

But be careful; this is not a suitable gift for everyone – not everyone likes warmth. Otherwise, many places have thermal baths / pools with great bathing landscapes that can be visited for less than € 20 per day. And if this is something for you too, just go with it. Then you can relax together and spend some time together.

Fitness gifts from 25 to 50 euros

If you want to spend more and give something more, you will definitely find it in this category. For 25-50 euros you can please your fitness friend. Here are our recommendations for fitness gifts for athletes up to € 50.

Frollian Blackroll

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz2

Fascia training and fascia roller training are quite popular among athletes. The tool is practical and versatile enough to complement any workout. However, many do not have such a role at home. It should be different and opens up a good opportunity for a great and useful gift. The original Blackroll Orange does not cost € 30 and any athlete who does not have one would be grateful for this gift. I have a whole bunch of different rolls and balls and I’m very happy about that.

A (Thai) massage

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz3

I think that every athlete is happy to receive a massage voucher as a gift. In addition to black roller workouts, massage helps release muscle tension by targeted stimulation of blood circulation. In addition, massage releases endorphins that reduce stress and pain. One type of massage that also promotes mobility is Thai massage. Here you get 60 minutes. Massage depending on the massage practice less than 50 €. You could even go together and then spend some time together and relax together.

Chic sports bag

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz4

If you train a lot, you will also need a good bag in which you can transport your sports equipment from A to B. After a while, such a bag does not look so good. I know that very well. No later than 2-3 years later, such a bag is rather worn out and should be replaced.

Moreover, such a bag is also a statement. However, many (themselves) do not want to spend money on a new bag if the old one still serves its purpose. However, if you get your new chic duffel bag for free, it’s more than welcome.

I just bought a new bag. If it wasn’t in great shape and I would like a new one, it would be Under Armor Storm, but there are many other chic duffel bags out there.

Low Carb Recession

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz5

Low carbohydrate levels are a great gift for sports fans. I personally enjoy baking from time to time (like low-carb bread or a few fitness cookies) and of course I pay special attention to the quality and nutrients of the ingredients. Unlike “regular” products, these specialty ingredients cost a lot of money and are not available in every supermarket. The fitness team is, of course, delighted to have a gift basket of ingredients. Of course, I’m especially excited about hardworking eaters who can also benefit from a healthy diet. For example, you can find many healthy sugar alternatives here. Such a low carbohydrate content may, for example, contain the following:

Tickets to FIBO (or other fitness fair)

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz6

Tickets to the famous fitness fair FIBO are probably a special gift for athletes. FIBO takes place in Cologne and is attended by about 150,000 people from over 100 countries. At FIBO, you will find exhibitors who provide information on the latest trends in fitness, wellness and health. I have visited FIBO several times and I always had suggestions and new ideas. Fitness lovers will certainly be delighted with the FIBO card, which will cost from € 30 for 2020.

Chic sports zip

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz7

Especially in the cold season, the sports zipper is a great fitness gift (with a little search) for only € 50. This rather thin jacket is suitable for quick donning or doffing at the gym (and also for sports). I have several of these jackets in my closet. You can never have enough lightning. Due to frequent washing, they wear out rather quickly. Nothing can go wrong with Nike giveaways here.

Sports gifts up to 100 euros

We are gradually getting to more expensive gifts. If you want to make someone especially happy on a special occasion, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you are teaming up with a few others for a great gift. Anyway, here are our recommendations for fitness gifts for athletes and fitness enthusiasts up to € 100.

sling trainer

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz8

Anyone who has already read this or that article on this blog knows that I am a great friend of sling trainers. So why not give someone a mobile gym like this? Test winner from our big Slingtrainer test, the ELITE Plus * aero sling costs around € 200, but there are also cheaper models that are also recommended. The extremely robust Variosling models are recommended for only € 100.

High quality blender

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz9

Every athlete and fitness enthusiast can use the right blender to prepare protein shakes, smoothies and other delicacies. Rely on a branded device. Good devices for home use are available for less than 100 euros. With Philips HR3556 (around 85 €) you can’t go wrong. Moreover, it is a good figure in the kitchen.

a pair of Bluetooth sports headphones

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau0

Music and sports just belong to me. For this to work harmoniously, in addition to the right workout music, an athlete also needs headphones with a good fit and first-class sound. I think some good Bluetooth sports headphones are a great fitness gift for every athlete and fitness lover. Some time ago, I did a detailed test of Bluetooth sports headphones done. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit was a winner in the price / performance ratio that I still love to use and can absolutely recommend as a sports headphone.

Outdoor Windproof Track Jacket

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau1

One of the best fitness gifts for the cold and windy seasons is a good windproof running jacket. When you run, you start to sweat and catch a cold pretty quickly. If there is still cold wind, this can be especially inconvenient. Therefore, good wind-blocking properties and fast drying are very important. The jacket should also be lightweight so you don’t have to carry too much luggage with you when you run. Each gram counts as a head. You can get a very nice and high quality model for women and men from Asics for only € 60.

One hour of personal training

If you like to exercise often, you may have crept in over time. Even if not, the professional still has the potential for optimization. This actually applies to every type of learning.

Maybe you just want to feel a little special and receive exclusive support for your learning. You can have all of these things in personal training. Many athletes do not want to spend money on such an hour themselves, although they know about its value. By the way, you can pay 80-100 euros per hour for a good coach with a clear conscience. But then there is also very good support with solid preparation and follow-up.

Ticket for the next FiBloKo

FiBloKo is an event for everyone who wants to become even more successful on the Internet in the field of sports and fitness. So if your sports enthusiast is doing something in this area or thinking about it, then you can certainly please him with a conference ticket. A day ticket will be available for less than € 100 in 2020.

Luxury fitness gifts worth over € 100

If you really want to spend a lot of money on a gift for your athlete or fitness enthusiast, or are looking for a larger, generic gift, then you’ve come to the right place. Our fitness gift ideas now cost over € 100.

Fitness tracker bracelet

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau2

Fitness bracelets have been one of the main trends in the fitness industry in recent years. These so-called wearable devices give the wearer various possibilities to track, evaluate and optimize their life with all activities and habits. Modern devices such as the Fitbit Charge HR allow you to continuously measure your heart rate without a chest strap, calculate your daily calorie requirement, and estimate your individual sleep parameters. The Fitbit Charge HR even has a built-in sleep phase alarm, as I recommended in my article on Better and Healthy Sleep.

(Short) vacation at a sports hotel

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau3

If it could be a little more expensive, I would be very happy about a few days off. Quiet means having time for me. Sleep, eat deliciously and play sports. Especially when I’m on vacation, I was able to relax and recuperate, I want to play sports without restrictions. Most hotels do not offer a reasonable choice of sports. So the next time you surprise yourself with a holiday, look out for the varied program as well as new things to try. There are sports hotels all over the world, so you can just google them later. What is usually missing is a checkbox for “suitability” in the holiday comparators. With the offer of some hotels, I am partially better equipped at home.

Running & Fitness Watch (GPS)

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau4

Almost every athlete and fitness enthusiast has a heart rate monitor. Most runners also have a GPS watch. The question is how much time he already has in his belt and whether there will be time for a new one. However, technology is constantly progressing here, and, as is the case with cell phones, you can think of a new model at least in two or three years.

Of course, there are (depending on priorities and budget) much cheaper models that can serve their purpose. In my opinion, the Porsche sports watch is without a doubt the Garmin Fenix ​​series. With barometric altitude measurement, wrist-based heart rate measurement, a wide range of smartwatch functionality, and enough juice for every ultra marathon, this sports watch is even chic to wear a suit. Phoenix on the wrist is always a statement.

The latest model, the Fenix ​​6s, is currently too expensive for me personally at around 550 euros. But I never had the latest mobile phone. I still have a predecessor, and I must say that I love this watch and I don’t want to do without it anymore.

A cheaper alternative that will probably be more than enough for most sports watch owners is the Garmin vivoactive 3 for just € 200. At first glance, it looks somewhat similar to Fenix ​​and also includes the most important features.

Variable set of several dumbbells

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau5

If you have a few classic dressing dumbbells at home, you are often annoyed by the effort. However, there are also various dumbbells that can relieve you of stress. Therefore, if you know someone who wants to buy a few dumbbells for the home or already owns several but complains about constant changes and / or too little weight, then consider whether the DialTech dumbbell set might be the right gift for them. These variable dumbbells are of first-class quality, they can be flexibly adjusted for weight, and therefore should be more than enough for many exercises. However, you should be prepared to spend between € 300 and € 500 depending on the version.

These were them, my recommendations for fitness gifts. We hope you can find a nice gift or two. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you think about what can make others happy. That’s what matters in the end.

And never forget that the most valuable thing you can give to someone is your time. Therefore, always try to spend as much time as possible with people during sports or otherwise. This is how you give gifts to yourself and others.

Best Regards and Successful Gift Hunt

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau6

And don’t forget: your health is your health. And this is also a gift to all people who are not indifferent to you!

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